Less than a year after their last release, the four-piece electronic metal band Artemis Rising are back with their EP “Vibe Sampler”. Musically, the listener can expect a consistent hybridization of hard guitar music and modern electronic music trends. The result is both energetic and catchy.

Germany – USA. This combination in the band line-up is reflected in the sound of Artemis Rising. Technical precision and hard sounds from the European metal scene are complemented by a certain lightness and the production level American music is known for.

For about 10 years now, the German and European electro scene has been experiencing an unprecedented revival. EDM, psytrance, techno, hardstyle and similar genres are being celebrated both in clubs and at an ever-increasing number of festivals. Artemis Rising were also infected by this and from then on a second – electronic – heart beat in the chest of the metal musicians. Unleashing, danceability, energy. The aim of Artemis Rising is to capture this “vibe” and take it to a new level by adding powerful drums, distorted guitars and aggressive vocals.

The result: the “Vibe Sampler” EP. On the other hand, an electrifying live show that invites you to party, let loose and go wild.

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