Modern Metal Band from Lower Saxony, Germany

ARTEMIS RISING – since 2013 the young quintett of up and coming musicians is touring around Germanys stages and supplies their audience with a unique combination of energetic Post-Hardcore and a reinterpretation of classic Metalcore structures. „2007 called – they want their guitar riffs back“ meets an overarching genre mix of modern Coremusic.
With their debut album „Ascension“, released in 2018, the band consistently refined their previous sound by placing higher contrasts in the songs themselves and the album as a whole: It got calmer, it got heavier – it got more simple, it got more technical – it got more catchy, it got more unpredictable than on every prior release.

In 2019 the band won the Redfield Records Newcomer Contest, followed by the „Ascension Spring-Tour“ and the release of their single „Gold“.

2020 started with the release of the contrasting pair of singles „Repeater“ and „Searcher“, before partnering up with their friends of „Maelføy“ to celebrate with their fans on the „The New Chapter-Tour“. Following the tour, the band and vocalist Wim agreed to part ways after a fun and exceptional endeavour.

With their new yet to be announced vocalist, new songs and a new live show concept, ARTEMIS RISING reinvented itself and is ready to thrill their audience more than ever before.

About the band name

The band’s name derives from the Greek goddess “Artemis”. She’s the goddess of hunting and protector of women and children. With “Artemis Rising” the band imagines this rather peaceful and harmless goddess to rise above her position to outshine everyone else. She no longer uses her forces for their actual purpose, but to fight for power and recognition. The band tries to express this combative and energetic mood with their music.


Lead Vocals

seit 2020

Guitar, Vocals

seit 2013

Favorite Bands: One Direction, Blink 182

KEVIN (Rickelbeef)

seit 2013


seit 2013


since 2013


Favorite Bands: Tesseract, Periphery, DON BROCO, Dance Gavin Dance, Enter Shikari

Alte Bandmitglieder

Lead Vocals

2013 – 2020